Throne Room

Joan hagg 9
Throne Room
Joan hagg breakdown1
Joan hagg 1
Highpoly spinx in zbrush
Joan hagg 2
Highpoly sculpture in zbrush
Joan hagg 3
Highpoly Lion in zbrush
Joan hagg 4
Highpoly goat or zbrush
Joan hagg assyrianpatternsheat
Albedo panels texture sheet
Joan hagg assyrianpatternroofsheat
Albedo roof texture sheet
Joan hagg white wallpaintings
Albedo wall texture sheet
Joan hagg turkouise wallpaintings
Albedo wall texture sheet 2

Assyrian throne room in Unreal Engine.

A environment I did in a week. I wanted to learn more how to build modular and how to use texture sheets and build a nice environment in a short time span.

A big thanks to Tilmann Milde for great feedback.